Thank you all for a wonderful Trip, A well organized and problem free Expedition to Pisang Peak & Chulu East.
The team of seven had a variety of characters which all gelled together to form a very good working unit and all carried out the task in hand.
This was second year with Boundless Himalayas Trekking & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. and as I am coming back again next year to entrust

Min Thapa of Boundless Himalayas with my Expedition to Mount Lhotse 8516m the fourth highest on earth speaks for itself.
I am well satisfied with the service given and I will be entrusting my life with this fine organization again in October 2007.
All the very best to everyone at Boundless Himalayas and wish all a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.
Best wishes,


Jim Booth Peterborough, England.

Thanks to Boundless Himalayas Trekking & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. and all its staff on a wonderful trip. A well organized and informative trip to the highest place on earth.
Thanks to the guide and porter for a professional job. Once again, thanks to all.

Hope to see you all again next year.
All the best,


Jim Booth, UK

Thank you for a great trip.
I spent 4 days trekking the Ghorepani/Poonhill trek. I did it in 4 days as opposed to the suggested 5 to instead use my 5th day mountain biking in Pokhara. After trekking + mountain biking, I went to Chitwan National Park.
The whole trip has been a pleasure. Everything was well organized & when my knee “borke”(gurung down-hill) Hira, my guide didn’t hesitate to also function as my porter.
Everything has been satisfactory. I will not hesitate to refer friends to Mongolian.
I am already planning to return & will do so as soon as I can afford the time +$
Thanks again & especially Thank you Hira.



I first heard of Min and Mongolian trekking through my good friend Paul Hills who spent the best part of a year in Nepal and did many treks with Min. when he told me he had found the best trekking company in Kathmandu, I assumed he had also found the dodgiest but as he waxed lyrical about Min, I’d decided before I got here to contact him.
Paul was right as usual. Everything was excellent. The trek was well planned.
The lodge we stayed, the foods were all equally good. Only thing Min Couldn’t control was the weather. Min’s trek was a success. I got him to organize me a 3 day trip to Chitwan at Machan Resort-equally excellent and a Mountain flight on Buddha Air.
Thanks for everything Min. It was great and hopefully I’ll be back to trek some more of Nepal.


Julian Goode London

Dear Min,
Thank you very much for the kind hospitality you have shown me in Kathmandu. You tailored the trek to suit my own needs, and whenever there was a problem you would do your best to try and help me.
After having completed the Annapurna circuit and the Everest Trek, I now feel a lot fitter and healthier, and I will definitely return to Nepal to do some more trekking.
You and your company have made me feel very welcome, and the deal you gave me was better than any other Trekking Company.
Look forward to trekking with you soon.
Many thanks,



Min – Our new friend from Nepal
Thank you for your kindness + the good food that your wife cooked for us.
See you in N. Ireland


Gary Megaw + Gillian Jackson N. Ireland

We just spent an amazing 8-day trek with Min Thapa and our porter Buddhi. We couldn’t have asked for better company or better customer service. Min has honed the skills of taking care of his customers to ensure that we were always pleased – this included many conversations about Nepali, Tibetan life, food, culture, plants, geology.
Just was our first trek…..and we might just have to come back to visit another region outside of Annapurna.
Highly recommend Boundless Himalayas  Trekking & Expedition. And thank you for the wonderful memories. our 20 year old dream came true ! Thank you!



My tow day trek with experienced Suresh Dai was riveting, exhilarating, and at times cathartic. Reaching to Chisapani by 6 pm, we were greeted by the Himalayan Mountain range floating above the clouds. I felt as if I was staring into my dreams.
I learnt a lot of Nepali with Suresh Dai, and found that although we can see many differences between the rich Europeans and poor Nepali villagers, we also have a great deal in common: inquisitiveness, eagerness to learn about each other, and of course a sense of humour.



Hello my little brother,
Being with you was such a wonderful experience. Hopefully you won’t forget our animal voices we did on the Langtang trek. Something like Bock Bock Bock or kiker iki or all the other funny voices we made. Both of us had a good time being the last two on our trek. It was sometimes very difficult for me but you always made me laugh. Like that Piriri song. Sometimes I am trekking, sometimes I’m angry… there is some piriri, talla was easy for didi Mathi difficult. To bring us in your village was a perfect idea.You have always be a very good guide and took good care of us. I wish you the very best for yours business and good provid. Don’t forget us. We won’t forget you my brother. Andwhen youfeel sad, read what we wrote about you and youwill feel better I think we will see each other, even if it’s not in this life.



Thanks so much for this great three weeks that we spent together in Nepal. We all enjoyed this trip very much.
As you know that’s my second visit here in Nepal and I guess this will not be the last one. I really hpe that there’s a chance to see you again, probably it’s when you come to visit us in Germany. Like I told you, you are always welcome to stay in our house.
Anyway, we all know that it wasn’t very easy with us in the mountains, sometimes we were a little bit slow and it was great of you to give us the time we needed. Yours organization was great and we all felt were comfortable at any time. The Langtang – trip was a great experience for us all and to stay in your village with your family was something very special. So take care and I hope to see you again, may be in Nepal, maybe in Germany, maybe this life, maybe next life also.
Yours friend,


Dennis A de Ende 1 356 19 Braunfds Germany

In Sept. 2002 my sister-in-law and I did a full-service trek through Dolpo with Boundless Himalayas  Trekking & Expedition . Min and Chhabi were our guides on the trek, which was very challenging both physically and logistically and which traversed regions that were politically unstable. Both Min and Chhabi were excellent as guides – resourceful and good humored throughout. I would heartily recommend Min for any trekking services in Nepal – if he can manage Dolpo, he can handle anything! Trekking in Dolpo now (2003) is apparently a difficult proposition. So I’m glad I had a chance to see this beautiful area that I used Boundless Himalayas  Trekking & Expedition  to arrange it for me.


Norman Ware.

My new friend in Nepal, after everything I have been told about you, the way you helped organize the trek in 2000 it was a pleasure to meet you and find out for my self how much effort you put into making sure everything, and I mean everything was catered for.
Thank you for showing me your beautiful country and I will, with out doubt be back to see more. I’ll see you then.
Cheers mate, No worries.


Andy (Traveller Adventure)

It was good to meet up with you again after 3years. I hope you enjoyed our 1st trek together and had as many fun as I had. Also good to meet your wife and children.
I will be back again one day.



I wish to express my sincere thanks to Min for his professional guidance throughout our trek of 10days. I will leave Nepal with such good memories and a greater confidence on hill walkers. I have also made a new friend or Min who I hope we will exchange many stories to come.
My thanks again to Min.
Yours forever


Doreen Locke 18 Clarence Road Chatham Kent. ME45EJ England

Min,Thank you very much for a fantastic and well organized trek, if it wasn’t for you, I would be probably be lost still somewhere in Jomsom. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will leave Nepal with many great memories. So thanks again for your professional guidance throughout the trek.
Take care
Kind regards


Cody Burchall 61 Criffiths Rd Upway, Vic. Aust 3158

Annapurna Circuit Trek, Besisahar to Pokhara. I was very glad that we had Chabi as our guide/porter because my knees started to hurt on only the second day.Without Chabbi I never would have made it up and over Thorang La pass… or at least not as quickly as I did! Chabbi is very friendly, easy going and flexible to changing plans during the trek as well as good source of information about local culture, language etc. We both enjoyed his company on the trek and recommend him highly!!


Lynna Holland Andy Stevenson FlagStaff, AZ.

Langtang is one of the more incredible treks we’ve done in southeast Asia. Our guide, Chhabbi, is perhaps the kindest person we could ever have hoped to travel with.We can’t say enough good things about him in the space remaining on this page. One story may help to illustrate his helpfulness. While returning from Kyangin Gompa my knee became injured (existing injury from long ago) and after cutting a walking stick for me, Chhabi refused to allow me to continue until I gave him much of the weight from my pack which he then added to my wife’s pack which he’d been carrying both directions. Chhabi is an excellent guide and extremely knowledgeable of the area and people. He went above the call of duty on numerous occasions in order to make our trip everything that it possibly could be.



What a terrific time we had going to Annapurna’s Base Camp! Boundless Himalayas Trekking’s guide Dilli’s great attitude and knowledge of the areas, customs, politics, etc… Really added a great deal of value to our trek.Thanks!
I pass along my highest recommendation.


Mike Folk San Francisco, CA USA

…an incredible trip. Dill our guide was fantastic and really made the 11/17/2001. Prem, our porter, was also wonderful and stayed with me on my slower days. I’ll be coming back!Boundless Himalayas trekking & Expedition  company is the best!


Lindha Kemby San Fancisco, CA USA

The Irish GirlsWe had a wonderful 4day trip. We managed to reach Poon Hill for sunrise – our greatest achievement!!The scenery was beautiful and our guide and porters were very friendly and helpful. Their singing kept us going!!
Thank you for a great experience!


Snead, Louise, Enna, Andeey, and Antoinette.