Min what a great trip you organized for us on our first visit to Nepal. At all times you, your drivers, porters and guides were attentive to our needs. Very many thanks. We’ll go home with some fabulous memories.

-Don and Sheelagh Salter, UK, 2019/10/21

What a fantastic group of people. Did anything and everything possible. Pleasure to meet Min and what a super guide Chandra Parajuli and porter Tol have been.
Highly recommended!

-David and Sylvia Hider, UK, 2019/10/20

October 16, 2019

What a beautiful experience!! Everything was really well arrange from Kathmandu, trekking, transport, hotels – I was just with guide and it was fantastic to reach Poon Hill, Amazing!!The guide was very kind and had a lot of experience (Mr. Mahendra). The food was good, Hotels were good with hot shower and Wi-Fi.I will recommend this office everybody(Boundless Himalayas Trekking and Expedition). The service was also good.Thanks to Mr. Min and Mr. Chandra and not to forget the best guide even Mr. Mahendra.

Namaste, best regards

Ben Luds

I love you Nepal and its people very much. It can’t be expressed in the words, very impressed with the people showing their kindness and hospitality.

I can’t stop giving lots of thanks to Mr. Min Thapa of Boundless Himalayas for arranging me incredible Kaligandaki rafting tour, central zoo visit and UNESCO world heritage sites Pashupatinath temple. I really promise to come back in Nepal in May 2020 with my family and friends!

Ervins Snegirevs, Latvia, 9 May 2019

Boundless Himalayas is the great company that organizes the craziest tours in the world!

Davide Santini, Italy, 2 May 2019

A wonderful experience in a lifetime, enriched by the group of excellent travel staffs and cycling guides to EBC. With this group, we really had achieved a great fun moments memorable for an entire life!

Paulo Terraneo, Italy, 2 May 2019

Thank you for having us brought to EBC with our mountain bikes # Sisipuofare

Daniele Sala, Italy, 2 May 2019

A crazy experience that only an Agency like Boundless Himalayas could support.

A special group that entered new history right on 2019.

Great experience on top of the world with the bikes. Thanks a lot!

Giacomo Galliani, Italy, 02 May 2019

One of the most beautiful experiences of my life of reaching Everest Base Camp by Mountain Bike. Thanks a lot to Boundless and particular gratitude to Ashish and Raj, our bike guide in this amazing ascent.

Thank you Min for everything and such a nice arrangement.

Paolo Franceschini, Italy, 2 May 2019

Definitely the toughest and the most astonished experiences in my life during EBC trip by mountain bike. Nine friends were held together by love for challenge and crazy ideas. Boundless Himalayas made everything happen with his splendid staffs. Thanks a lot Min and the best future ahead!

Jacopo Boscaini, Italy, 2 May 2019

Really well  prepared everything beforehand ready to tackle any difficulties in different situations. Thanks a lot to Mr. Min and Boundless Himalayas team!

Poggiolini Diego, Italy, 29 / 04 / 2019

A fantastic experience only possible from the great professionalism of Mr. Min.

I recommend his office for future cycling trip in EBC.

Stefano Marrini, Italy, 29 / 04 /2019

We have been really blessed to take part in the Base camp in Everest by bike via Boundless. A satisfying agent unique with great services and priceless Sherpa and guides throughout the entire trip!

Cristiano Sabatini, Biker and Chef, Italy, 29 / 04 / 2019

Dear Min and Chandra,

We have had an amazing trip around the Manaslu circuit with Chandra who really looked after us and took us to great guest houses along the way. The mountains are beautiful and everyone is so hospitable and friendly along the way. Thank you so much, we will be sending all our friends your way and thank you it’s so good to have new friends in Nepal.

Paul Walton (Trail finders), UK, 29/03/2019

Thank you so much for a great trip. The views were amazing and we both felt the challenge was great. We enjoyed the experience of trekking in the snow.

Peter Walton, UK, 29 / 03 / 2019

Dear Min,

Really enjoyed your warm hospitality. Your team members are helpful and friendly too. Although the weather at Pokhara was not that good, we can’t have a good view of the Annapurna range. The trip is rather too short stay. Hope we can spend more time in Nepal. May be in next trip! Thanks and best wishes to you!

Angie Ng, Malaysia, 28 / 03 / 2019

Thanks Min,

Had a great trip with plenty of helpers. Friendly and accompanying with the group. Appreciated a lot, will come back again.

Julip Chew, Malaysia, 28/03/2019

Thank you Min Thapa and your team members are giving helpful and friendly to our group. I am very happy to have the great chance to see the mountain clearly during my Nepal trip from 22 March to 29 March 2019. Hope to come to Nepal soonest.


Rachael Yap, Malaysia, 28 / 03 / 2019

We had a great trip sight seeing and shopping. Experienced the friendliness of Nepalese people and the great incredible view of Himalayan mountain range. Min’s team is great, flexible, patience making everything right.    A big thank you to all, really feeling blessed to be in this trip.

Yang Mooi Yong, Malaysia, 28/03/2019

Thank you Min Thapa for your good hospitality and good guide. First trip to Nepal and saw the loving people of Nepal. The country with so wonderful of Nature and fresh air. Your team shall be given the honor of trust and patient with our group and they are given to take care of us. Hope my next trip to Nepal will be much more adventurous and shall be kept in touch. Thank you Min!

Lim Yen Kok and family, 28 /03/2019