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The Everest Shishapangma trek is regarded as one of the best treks in Tibet, revered by Tibetans it is seen as one of the most holy places in Tibet standing at 8046mtrs. Shishapangma is regarded as a bit of a hidden jewel in Tibet, it is situated west of Everest and tucked behind the Langtang range.The five day trek to Shishapangma basecamp is easier than other treks in Tibet as it does not require crossing any high passes, but that does not at all detract from the fantastic views to rival any other Himalayan Trek.

Shisapangma in Tibetan means “the big grassy field” which is what it is basically. The trek to  Base Camp is combined on this itinerary with a road journey to Lhasa.Base Camp itself is an elongated series of meadows wedged between ridges on one side and a river that drains from Shisapangma’s Yambukangala glacier on the other. A long but very rewarding walk from base camp is the hike up to the advanced base camp at the start of the glacier, although you have to be very fit to make it back in a day. Another good hike follows the crest of the ridge directly across the river from the Base Camp,from here there are some outstanding views of the entire Shisapangma and Peiku Lake region.

After the trek we head for Lhasa and on the way we visit the Tashilhunpo monastery,the Gyantse fort and the Kumbum monastery in Gyantse.The overland tour to Lhasa is enriched by numerous encounters with yak and sheep herders along with crystal clear blue lakes and the fascinating beauty of the Tibetan plateau.There are many high passes along the way to Lhasa with some superb views of the Tibetan high landscape that spreads before you. In Lhasa we take a two day guided tour to all the important sites in Lhasa.We conclude our trip with a sensational flight acrross the Himalayas to Kathmandu.

A. Itinerary in Detail (14 Days)

Day 01: Drive to Nyalam (3750M), overnight at tented camp.

Day 02: Acclimatization at Nyalam, overnight at tented camp.

Day 03: Trek to Draabochhan (4110M), overnight at tented camp.

Day 04: Trek to Shingdip (4560M), overnight at tented camp.

Day 05: Trek to Sishapangma base camp (4980M), overnight at tented camp.

Day 06: Trek to Draabochhan, overnight at tented camp.

Day 07: Trek to Nyalam (3780M), overnight at tented camp.

Day 08: Drive to Lhatse (4050M), overnight at tented camp.

Day 09: Drive to Shigatse (3900M), overnight at tented camp.

Day 10: Drive to Gyantse (3950M), overnight at tented camp.

Day 11: Drive to Lhasa (3650M), overnight at lodge

Day 12: In Lhasa, overnight at lodge

Day 13: In Lhasa, overnight at lodge

Day 14: Fly back to Kathmandu, overnight at hotel.

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